The Family, A 2-4 Player Elimination Game

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The Family, a 2-4 player game where the last one standing wins!

The Cops are on your tail. Other crime families are too. Are you Mafia, East End Gangsters, Mexican Cartel, or Yakuza? Take over the town to gain tactical advantages. Build up your “family” until you can attack the other players and wipe them from the game.

You could end up in jail, get shot at, or end up in a hospital bed. Remember, snitches get stiches!

Fits in your pocket, take it anywhere, play everywhere!

The family is a quick-fire elimination game where you can settle the score between family and friends. Once you’ve assembled the players, everyone needs to decide who to play as, there are 4 crime families available to choose from; The Mafia, The Mexican Cartel, East End Gangsters, and the Yakuza, each with individual perks that determine how you play. You then need to build the Mayfly Town by choosing locations to fight over, claiming these throughout the game. These locations grant you bonuses to help whittle down your rivals. To finish setting up the game place 3 counters on your family card (the Yakuza get 5!), these represent your associates (hired goons), move these around locations to claim the turf as yours!

Now that everyone’s criminal organisations are set up, it’s time to grow your racket. There are 4 ways to do this:

  1. Grow you family; take a chance and draw a card, not all are good, watch out for the police!
  2. Claim your turf; move an associate counter onto the desired location, hold it “king of the hill” style to keep the bonuses.
  3. Be tactical and move you associates around Mayfly Town to bolster your defence.
  4. ATTACK! – attack an individual associate piece on the board, or go for the jugular and takedown a rival crime-boss to inherit their organisation.

The round ends once all the other players have been wiped out. Switch crime families, change in-play locations, and go again.

Player Count: 2-4
Time: 10-20 Minutes (depending on how ruthless you are!)
Age: 14+