A 2-4 Player Elimination Card Game with a gangster theme

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A Fantastic review from Amass Games. Thank you!

“Pretty simple with a nice cool mafia theme. I like the historical characters which makes it a little educational. The mechanisms are simple, streamlined, and at the same time there is a measure of strategy”

“Such a compact game, easy to transport as a travel game or to take over to a game night at other people’s houses all housed in a sleek looking box…It’s got something about it that makes you want to bring it back to the table”
Craig Duncton @GetIntoGames

A 2-4 player elimination card game. Pit yourself against your friends and family and see who comes on top as the best crime boss. You’ll need to place associates on locations and eliminate your rivals to gain control of your turf and win.

STRATEGY (use your head, you’ll need it)

Rated 14+

10 – 30 minutes to complete

How To Play

A brief introduction into setting up the game and the turn types. More videos on the How To Play tab.